Simply Green was launched in 2008 as an eco-conscious enterprise dedicated to supporting healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Our mission started by offering a wide range of natural and organic products to protect the environment, promote healthy choices and build the human balance of sound mind and body. Yoga was always an essential part of our journey since we started not only as an exercise but more as a way to find physical and spiritual balance.

The vision evolved to include Yoga as a core interest to the company and to offer the finest products and brands in yoga and wellness . Our drive is to ensure that you are offered only excellent quality on your yoga journey. Our mission is still evolving to promote a yogic lifestyle with quality products to lead to embrace of exercise, spiritual progress and sustainable choices.
Our brand new logo reflects our philosophy that is driven by the mind and body connection through the union that yoga is.

We care to bring the best quality products and share our passion for a harmonious life, spiritual progress and lifestyle
We have a service centric approach to what we choose and recommend. Our team of yoga teachers is happy to help you choose the right products to suit your needs.

As you see our product ranges we hope you to receive the inspiration to start your journey or find the best we have to offer to serve you along the way.

Welcome to simply green.

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