Super Brew Mix 150gr


The Super Brew Mix 150gr is a delicious low-caffeine coffee alternative with Ayurvedic ingredients, adaptogens, and superfoods!

  • Only 23mg caffeine per serving
  • Provides balanced energy
  • Supports calm, steady focus

Taste: Roasted, Nutty

Weight:  30servings | 150gr

*Organic Certified

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Super Brew Mix 150gr

Τhe Super Brew Mix 150gr is a delicious coffee alternative made with Ayurvedic ingredients, adaptogens, and—of course—superfoods. It contains 5 certified organic ingredients (plus sea salt for taste) that can help provide clean, steady energy and sharper focus — without jitters or crashes. And it has a rich, earthy taste with just ¼ the amount of caffeine (23 mg) than the average cup of coffee, giving you balanced energy with a rich, nutty taste you’ll love.

  • May help with jitters, crashes, or sleep disruption thanks to slow-releasing caffeine in black tea
  • Perfect for making delicious lattes (hot or iced)
  • Only 6 ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, fillers, or gums

Ingredients: : *Dandelion Root, *Lupin, *Chaga Mushrooms, *Coconut Milk, *Black Tea, and Sea Salt. *Organic Certified

Use: Add 1 tsp into a cup of hot water or plant-based milk. Simply stir, froth or blend.


Ingredients: 1 tsp Super Brew, 1 cup oat milk, 1 tsp maple syrup (optional)

1. In a small pot, heat the milk and maple syrup.
2. Turn off the heat. Use a frother or stir in Super Brew.
3. Pour into a mug, and enjoy!

Taste: Roasted, Nutty

Weight: 30 servings


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